Mold and Wood Products

Mold has been part of the human environment since we started walking the planet. There are more than 100,000 species of mold and at least 1,000 varieties are common in the U.S. As such, molds and mold spores are everywhere. The air we breathe is a virtual jungle of fungal spores and we regularly encounter mold spores as part of everyday life. There have been recent concerns about mold appearing on lumber and other wood products. Western Wood Products Association has developed a number of materials detailing the nature of mold, how to protect and control mold on wood products and how to clean mold on wood. The Association has also published a scientific paper authored by two top experts in the field to address common questions about mold and wood.

These materials are available for review online and may be downloaded using the links shown with each title. Also, additional information on mold can be found at some of the suggested websites listed below.


Mold, Housing and Wood (TG-2)

By Coreen Robbins, Ph.D and Jeff Morrell, Ph.D
12 pages, published 2001, revised July 2017 

Explains why and how mold grows on nearly any material including wood, steps that can be taken to prevent, control and remove mold, and current scientific information about the health effects of mold.


Fast Facts - Mold and Wood Products
No. 1: What is mold?

2 pages, published August 2002

Basic information on mold, why it grows on wood and what kinds of mold typically grow on wood.


Fast Facts - Mold and Wood Products
No. 2: Preventing and controlling mold

2 pages, published August 2002

Outlines ways to protect wood products from moisture, which is a critical ingredient for mold growth.


Fast Facts - Mold and Wood Products
No. 3: Cleaning mold on wood

2 pages, published August 2002

Recommendations for when and how to clean mold on wood, including methods offered by the U.S Centers for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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