Contracted Services for Non-Member Clients

Although WWPA staff primarily serve WWPA member needs, staff also provide unique, valuable services to non-members. The following contracted services are provided non-member wood products producers and users throughout the West.

WPM Inspection 

WWPA's Wood Packaging Material Program (WPM) inspection service is available to producers who are manufactures of wood packaging, such as pallets, crating, boxes, and dunnage destined for exporting into international markets.  The purpose of the WPM program for international trade is to minimize the risk of pest transfer by limiting bark and ensuring the proper heat treatment of lumber. 

The U.S. export program is based on phytosanitary standards established by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and the North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO). To obtain the IPPC mark for pallets, crating, boxes and dunnage, subscribe to WWPA WPM services.

KDHT/HT Inspection

For mills supplying lumber to Wood Packaging Material (WPM) producers, WWPA HT/KDHT inspection services will issue HT or KDHT stamps to the mill when they meet specific requirements for heat treatment and kiln drying of lumber. HT or KDHT labeled lumber is necessary for the WPM producer when shipping internationally, as it signifies the lumber has undergone an appropriate heated treatment to prevent the spread of unwanted pests. For a WPM producer to obtain an international IPPC mark, their pallets, crating or boxes must be constructed from heat treated lumber.

HT (Heat Treated) lumber, is lumber that has been placed in a closed chamber where heat is applied until the lumber achieves a minimum core temperature of 56°C, for a minimum of 30 minutes. KDHT (Kiln Dried Heat Treated) lumber has the same heat requirements as HT, yet also qualifies as “Kiln-Dried” lumber when the maximum moisture content is 19% or less.

Western Wood Products Association offers a KDHT/HT inspection service that includes initial qualification of the heating chamber(s), regular monitoring of heat chamber performance, WWPA issued HT or KDHT stamp, as well as regular inspection of heat-treated products and their marking.

Cal Fire Inspection

The California State Fire Marshal has approved WWPA for their Building Materials Listing Program (BML) as a third-party inspection agency to provide audit services, including reviewing manufacturing processes and product inspection, and reinspection, as necessary.

Onsite Lumber Grading

WWPA Quality Assurance staff conducts contract lumber grading, grade training and lumber grade inspection. Past clients include small sawmill operations, lumber dealers, and home builders.

For information about WWPA's contracted services, please contact Dyanne Martin (503)306-3480 or